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Drone services in Caen and Normandy

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Original and creative aerial shots

Drone Normandie specializes in the production of aerial photos and videos using drones.

We are based in Caen, Normandy, and operate throughout France.

Equipped with high-definition camera equipment and piloted by professionals, the drone produces breathtaking, high-quality aerial shots. The drone offers vistas and creative angles, and creates breathtaking images.

Drone Normandie is the website dedicated to the drone section of photographer in Caen.

View from the sky

The advantages of drones for aerial photography

Equipped with high-definition camera equipment and piloted by DGAC-approved professionals, the drone produces breathtaking, high-quality images.

Specialized in aerial photography, aerial drone work, video production, site monitoring and height inspection. Our operators and drones are authorized by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) to produce aerial images by drone in Caen and Normandy, in compliance with aviation regulations. Drone Normandie adapts to your needs with different areas of intervention. Drone Normandie provides drone operations in Normandy, in the department of Calvados. This ensures safe operations in the sector’s airspace, and rigorous preparation and execution of flights.


Drone operator for professionals

Photo / Video

We produce aerial photos and videos


Promoting the area, accommodation services and leisure activities

Site supervision

We document the progress of your projects


Inspection enables you to check the condition of buildings, engineering structures, roofs and industry, while avoiding any human risk.

Some of our achievements

Here are a few of our achievements to give you an idea of our know-how and vision.
Whether it’s to create valuable content for your tourist service business, the drone is also capable of meeting the needs of differentindustrial sectors.


Our equipment

We use professional equipment to meet your expectations.


We have several drones to adapt each of our drone photo and video shooting services in Normandy and Calvados to your expectations and budget.

Technically speaking, we film in 4K and shoot in 48mp.


We bring a new dimension to your videos with Premiere Pro to produce exceptional videos with the reference editing application for social networks, television and film.

Photography is handled by
to create sensational images.

Shooting on land


Sony hybrid cameras offer imaging capabilities far superior to those of a smartphone. Professional equipment.

The secret lies in the size of the sensor: the image sensor is the eye of a digital camera. The larger it is, the better the photos. With a sensor 10 times larger than that of a smartphone, every aspect of the image is improved: pixel count, low-light sensitivity and dynamic range. For sharper photos, enlargements and prints.


Our tools

drone en vol stationnaire

Dazzling images with a legendary Hasselblad camera and smooth flight with omnidirectional obstacle detection. Every improvement on the Mavic 3 raises the bar for aerial photography.


Large format delivers outstanding images – The world’s highest level of image quality in the mirrorless digital camera system


A true guarantee of flexibility and quality for filmmakers and content creators in almost any scenario imaginable, the Ronin-SC is designed to accompany professionals everywhere. Weighing just 1.1 kg, with a body made of magnesium, aluminum and high-strength composite materials, the Ronin-SC offers impressive performance.


Key figures

+ 110








Drone regulations in Caen, All aeronautical zones in Caen within a 100km radius

Hazards to air navigation
AD likely to be invaded in a matter of minutes by sea mist.

Aeromodelling: Outside HOR ATS: Risk of presence of SFC-950 ft AMSL aeromodels.

Aeromodelling (N° 8976): Risk of SFC-1200 ft AMSL aircraft (interference with VOR RWY 13 procedure).

Aeromodelling on the outer boundary of the CTR :

N° 9002: SFC- 1200 ft ASFC / 1400 ft AMSL, SR-SS, radio-controlled flights.
N° 8376 : SFC- 1000 ft ASFC / 1200 ft AMSL, SR-SS, radio-controlled flights.

Special procedures and instructions
From April 1st to October 31st, lap training activity subject to CTL approval.
Zone CTR Caen
Daily extension until 2330, only for commercial flights except freight.

Safety first!

Drones (unmanned aircraft)

Preparing an aerial service

European regulations on unmanned aircraft came into force on December 31, 2020, replacing national aviation safety regulations on these aircraft.

In June 2020, the European Commission published two regulations on unmanned aircraft (known as “UAS”):

  • Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/945 of March 12, 2019 on unmanned aircraft systems and third-country operators of unmanned aircraft systems;
  • Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 of May 24, 2019 on rules and procedures for the operation of unmanned aircraft.

Consult the DGAC website for current regulations:

Flying drones over public areas in built-up areas is prohibited for open category recreational drones as of 01/01/2021.

The French administration(DGAC) has provided some clarifications to differentiate a leisure activity (aeromodélisme), from a professional activity (activités particulières) with a drone, since its penultimate edition (August 9, 2016) of the Guide des activités particulières:

  • As long as the aim of the flight is not the pilot ‘s hobby (flying or taking pictures), it’s a “special activity” (professional) or an experiment (special case) that needs to be declared to the DGAC.

Professional aerial photography, or photography with a commercial purpose using unmanned remotely piloted aircraft (drones) falls within the scope of specific activities (aerial work), governed in particular by the two decrees of December 17, 2015. What’s more, aerial services with a drone don’t stop at taking off and landing.
Complying with regulations and draconian safety rules comes at a cost. This means a great deal of preparation time, prior to the mission: advice, expertise for a tailor-made service, study of aeronautical charts, weather forecasts and aeronautical information, scouting, risk analysis, choice of the best place to take off…

According to the flight scenario (S1 or S3) and the configuration of the site, plus administrative formalities (application for authorization to fly to the relevant prefecture and the DGAC if necessary), personnel costs related to ground security, follow-up of a protocol defined with the operator of a restricted area, occupation of the public domain…

During the mission, the telepilot has to mark out the exclusion zone for third parties to secure the site, carry out numerous checks before and after each flight, keep his logbook up to date, and record maintenance tasks in a maintenance logbook.

There are several advantages to hiring a professional drone pilot in Normandy, such as:

  1. Quality of footage: A professional drone pilot has a wealth of experience and technical know-how, ensuring optimum quality of the images and videos captured by the drone.

  2. Safety: Professional pilots are trained and certified to fly safely, minimizing the risk of accident or injury.

  3. Flexibility: Drones can reach hard-to-reach places, offering great flexibility for capturing images of landscapes, buildings or events.

  4. Compliance with regulations: Professional pilots are aware of the regulations in force for drone flights and ensure compliance with them to avoid any legal problems.

  5. Time and cost savings: Using a drone saves time and costs when taking pictures, compared with traditional methods such as scaffolding or helicopters.

By hiring a professional drone pilot in Normandy, you can be sure of obtaining top-quality images and videos, while complying with regulations and working in complete safety.

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